mikedianaCar Hire New Zealand was created in 2004 in Auckland New Zealand by a globe traveling couple whose desire for authentic, off the beaten track travel experiences was curtailed slightly by the unexpected arrival of twin baby boys!

the-twinsWhen we get to  travel now, it’s mostly in the child-friendly South Pacific in recent years. However, we have found we can still get the buzz and joy that only travel brings from our many and varied customers who visit NZ from all corners of the globe!

The New Zealand rental car landscape is dominated by internationally-owned companies. Their advertising budgets alone dwarf the yearly sales for smaller, family owned companies like Car Hire New Zealand.

Profits within our company are re-invested into the rental car fleet, to enable later model vehicles for our customers to enjoy whilst they experience the thrill of seeing our beautiful country.

We have a loyal base of customers (both in N.Z and based overseas) supporting us well into our 2nd decade in the rental car business, many of whom we are pleased to call friends.

Remember to give the little guys a try once in a while, you will not find a friendlier, more genuine or personalised service anywhere!

Diana and Mike O’Sullivan
Company Directors